1) What is Market Partners?
Market Partners program is a simple referral rebate program that pays you a  cash rebate for every new subscriber you bring to Sunco.

2) How does the Market Partners program work?
Tell your friends and relatives about Suncoís premium Internet services.  For every new subscriber you sign-up as a result of your referral, weíll mail you a rebate check for each referred customer.  

3) How much is the Market Partners rebate?
US$4.00 per personally referred paid subscriber.

4) How long does the rebate continue?
For as long  as Sunco continues to maintain the program.  Sunco has no plans in the foreseeable future to discontinue Market Partners.

5) Is this a multi-level commission?
No.  You only earn the rebate on folks you personally refer to Sunco.

6) Can I earn free service or even extra cash with my Market Partners rebate?
Yes.  Sunco sends you a check for $4.00 per referral each month.  You can use the money any way you like - from paying your Sunco account to a night on the town.  Itís your choice.  Yea, its cool, we know.

7) Are the rebates cumulative; I mean, can I continue to build them up over time?
No.  You cannot accumulate Market Partners rebates.  The rebates are paid monthly only.  The check must be cashed within 60 days, otherwise you will lose those rebate(s) for that month. Sunco accepts no responsibility and you agree to release Sunco totally form any liability for checks which go un-cashed, get lost in the mail, are eaten by your dog, or run through the washing machine by accident.

8) What is the limit to the amount I can earn with referral rebates?
Unlimited.  Sunco does not put limits on the number of referrals you can make or the amount you can earn.

9) What happens if one of my referrals doesnít pay their bill on time?
We only pay referral rebates on paid accounts.  Once your referralís bill is paid, you will receive the rebate credit on your account.

10) Can I refer myself to Sunco.
No.  You had to have heard about Sunco from someone; on the radio, a friend, or other ad.  You cannot subscribe to Sunco as your own referral.  Sorry.

11) Do I need to be a Sunco subscriber to earn the Market Partners rebate?
Yes.  You need to maintain a Sunco account in good standing to earn the referral rebate.

12) Who has the final say if a dispute erupts over a referral?  Can referrals be switched to other Sunco subscribers if I leave?  What if I canít pay my bill on time, do I lose my referrals?  Are these rules ever updated?
has the final say in all referral disputes.  We arbitrate any and all disputes.  We always try to be fair in such matters and our decisions are final.  Our general rule of thumb is ďfirst come, first served.Ē  Referrals are not transferable to other subscribers.  If you leave Sunco, cancel your account, your account is terminated by Sunco for any reason or your bill remains unpaid for more than 60 days, you will lose your referrals and their rebate amounts permanently, even if you re-subscribe.  Sunco reserves the right to update, modify or cancel entirely the Market Partners program at any time with 30 days notice.

13) What happens to referral rebates that are lost because of a violation of the terms of service or other reasons?
Where do you think our annual Christmas Party budget comes from?

14) How do I tell people about Sunco?
Referring your friends, neighbors and business clients to Sunco is not a difficult selling proposition.  Sunco is very competitive in the ISP industry and few if any other ISPís can match Suncoís worldclass services and offers.

  • Just talk about Sunco - When youíre in a conversation with your friends, tell them about what great service youíre getting from Sunco.  Ask them to take a look at your ISP and see if theyíd like to switch.
  • Give someone a Brochure - Brochures are a great way to tell someone about Sunco without really getting into a conversation if you donít have time to.  But these can be expensive to give away to just anyone.  Make sure who ever you give a brochure to is someone looking for a new ISP service.
  • Put a Sunco Sigh-Up button or banner ad on your website.

If you want to find out just how fast you can lose your account and referral rebates with Sunco, launch a spam campaign and we will show you.  For those who may no know what spam is, spam is when you send unwanted, unsolicited e-mail to  unknown individuals with offers that they did not request.  E-mailing scads of people you donít know is spamming and if we get numerous complaints about your account spamming others, you will be history.  Itís harsh, but Sunco does not tolerate spam of any kind.  If you have close friends or relatives youíd like to tell about Sunco, feel free to e-mail them, but itís better if you talk with them personally or call them on the phone.

16) Why is Sunco so adamantly opposed to its members e-mailing people about signing up with Sunco?
If we were a small Internet company, it likely wouldnít be a big deal.  But imagine now millions of Sunco members e-mailing all of their friends and business associates about switching to Suncoís premium services.  Suddenly other ISPís are swamped with tons of spam from millions of Sunco members.  It would get ugly and soon these ISPís would cease accepting legitimate e-mail from the SuncoMail domain.  We donít want that to happen so weíre pretty hard-nosed about the whole spam thing.

17) Iím a business and I want to put out brochures in my store for Sunco, is this okay?
Yes, in fact, this is very much encouraged.  These materials are available from Sunco  for you to display.

18) Can I hand out brochures to people in malls or on the street?
No, unless you have a store in a mall or other storefront business.  Besides, just giving away brochures is poor targeting of Internet customers.  Itís just not recommended.  Just solicit people you personally know.

19) What are Suncoís guidelines for soliciting people I know?
These are some guidelines Sunco provides to ensure that the Market Partners referral program remains open, honest and rewarding for all of our Sunco subscribers.  Unfortunately, there are always a few who  become over zealous in their quest for new referrals and make a nuisance of themselves.  By following these guidelines, you will be able to make many happy referrals and keep your friends too.


  • Talk with your friends and family members about joining Sunco.
  • If youíre a business with Internet or business related walk-in traffic, put out a stand of brochures.
  • If you have a website, place a Sunco banner ad or one of our animated buttons on your website for automatic click-through with your Referral Code.  Instructions for adding banners and buttons to your website can be found on the Advertising page.


  • Unless youíre a business with walk-in customers, donít solicit people you donít know about signing up.  Standing in a mall handing out brochures is prohibited by most malls unless you have their permission.
  • Do not SPAM anyone with an unsolicited e-mail about joining up with Sunco.  Spamming is grounds for immediate termination of any Sunco account under Suncoís Terms of Service.  Once you lose your account, youíll not be able to earn the Market Partners rebates.
  • Suncoís referral rebate is designed to help you earn your way toward free service and even some extra cash.  While it is certainly possible to sign-up several hundred people over time and earn a sizable amount each month, the program is not designed to replace your day job.  Donít try to make it your day job.

20) What do I do to refer someone new to Sunco?
Helping a new referral sign-up with Sunco is very easy and you can do so in any number of ways as outlined below.  Be sure you give your Referral Code to whom ever you sign up so that you can be rewarded for their new account.  NOTE: Sunco doe not accept any new account without a Referral Code.  In this way, we make sure all referrals are awarded to the appropriate referring customer.

21) Individuals setting up new referral accounts:

  1. Give your Referral Code to your new referral and have the call Sunco at 1-877-564-LINK (5465).  Our customer service representatives will setup their account and credit you for the referral.
  2. Have your new referral visit Suncoís signup area on our website and walk through the automatic account setup at www.sunco.com.
  3. Post one of Suncoís ad banners or animated buttons on your website with the appropriate code for automated accounting of your referral.  See Suncoís Advertising page for details on how to do this.

22) Businesses setting up new referral accounts:

  1. Our business Market Partners have a little more opportunity in assisting new referral customers in getting online with Sunco.  Since these businesses normally assist customers in the course of daily activity anyway, it is easy for many clerks to assist their customers in setting up an account either through the Sunco website or with a phone call to 1-877-564-LINK (5465).
  2. If you have an active connection to the Internet, use your Referral Code to sign-up a subscriber through Suncoís website.  Customers appreciate your taking the time to enter their information and setup their account.  It makes your operation very professional to when you can setup an account on the spot.  Print out and give your customer the final account instruction sheet for their records and system configuration.  If they have any questions, just have them call our toll-free customer support number at 1-877-564-LINK (5465).
  3. Use a sign-up form like the one provided by Sunco.  Have the customer fill out the form with all pertinent account information including their first 3 choices for e-mail addresses.  New e-mail address can always be changed or added at a late date.  Call in the information to 1-877-564-LINK (5465) to setup the account for the customer while they wait.

23) I work at a store and both of us have a Sunco accounts and we both want to make referrals.  This creates a conflict of interest between us.  What do we do?
It is possible that employees of a business and the business itself could be Sunco subscribers and both be referring customers and earning our referral rewards.  It is certainly not the intention of Sunco to create a scenario where a conflict of interests might arise between an employee and the business owner.  In such circumstances, Sunco requests that both the business and employee respect the othersí efforts and keep their referral efforts separate.  If a dispute arises, we will likely adhere to the first come, first served rule in settling the dispute.  A rule of thumb here is to work for your employer on their time and make referrals on your own time.  We will not get personally involved in any rival complaints between two valued members.  The point is to DO THE RIGHT THING and not become greedy.  Openly respect each othersí time.


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