Referring your friends and family to Sunco is easy.  Follow some of these tips to help build your Market Partners commissions:

Tips for making referrals:

Referring your friends, neighbors and business clients to Sunco is not a difficult selling proposition.  Sunco is very competitive in the ISP industry and few if any other ISP´s can match Sunco´s worldclass services and offers.

  • Just talk about Sunco - When you´re in a conversation with your friends, tell them about what great service you´re getting from Sunco.  Ask them to take a look at your ISP and see if they´d like to switch.
  • Give someone a Brochure - Brochures are a great way to tell someone about Sunco without really getting into a conversation if you don´t have time to.  But these can be expensive to give away to just anyone.  Make sure who ever you give a brochure to is someone looking for a new ISP service.
  • Put a sign-up button or banner ad on your website - If you have a website, place a Sunco banner ad or one of our animated buttons on your website for automatic click-through to Sunco’s sign-up page with your Referral Code.  Instructions for adding banners and buttons to your website can be found on the Advertising page.

Sign-Up Materials

Sunco provides you with your own sign-up materials  by calling our customer support line at 1-877-564-LINK (5465).  

Please note that it is not necessary for you to buy any sales materials. Sunco just makes them available for anyone who wishes to provide them in their referral efforts.

Some Guidelines

Guidelines are a set of rules Sunco provides to ensure that the Market Partners referral program remains open, honest and rewarding for all of our Sunco subscribers.  Unfortunately, there are always a few who become over zealous in their quest for new referrals and make a nuisance of themselves.  By following these guidelines, you will be able to make many happy referrals and keep your friends too.  :)


  • Talk with your friends and family members about joining Sunco.  It is okay to e-mail your close friends and relatives to tell them about Sunco. We really don’t consider this limited amount of e-mail spamming.
  • If you´re a business with Internet or business related walk-in traffic, put out a stand of brochures.
  • If you have a website, place a Sunco  banner ad or one of our animated buttons on your website for automatic click-through with your Referral Code.  Instructions for adding banners and buttons to your website can be found on the Advertising page.


  • SPAM is when you send e-mail to people you don’t know with an offer to buy or do something.  Do not SPAM anyone you don’t personally know with an unsolicited e-mail about joining up with Sunco. Spamming is grounds for immediate termination of any Sunco  account under Sunco's Terms of Service.  If you know them and they know you, like close friends or relatives, then it’s probably okay to e-mail them.

Helping a new referral sign-up with Sunco is very easy and you can do so in any number of ways as outlined below.  Be sure you give your Referral Code to whom ever you sign up so that you can be rewarded for their new account.  NOTE: Sunco does not accept any new account without a Referral Code.  In this way, we make sure all referrals are awarded to the appropriate referring customer.

Hey, what’s my Referral Code?

In order to get credit for your referral, your friends must provide Sunco with your Primary Account’s username when they signup.  Your username is the name you gave Sunco when you signed up and is the one used for your primary e-mail account.  If your primary e-mail address is then your username and referral code is tomYou do not and should not give out your password.

Individuals setting up new referral accounts:

Take any one of these options to help sign-up your friends with Sunco:

  • Give your Referral Code to your new referral and have them call Sunco  at 1-877-564-LINK (5465).  Our customer service representatives will setup their account and credit you for the referral.
  • Have your new referral visit Sunco´s sign-up area on our website and walk through the automatic account setup with them.
  • Post one of Sunco´s ad banners or animated buttons on your website with the appropriate code for automated accounting of your referral.

Businesses setting up new referral accounts:

Our business Market Partners have a little more opportunity in assisting new referral customers in getting online with Sunco.  Since these businesses normally assist customers in the course of daily activity anyway, it is easy for many clerks to assist their customers in setting up an account either through the Sunco  website or with a phone call to 1-877-564-LINK (5465).

If you have an active connection to the Internet, use your Referral Code to sign-up a subscriber through Sunco´s website.  Customers appreciate your taking the time to enter their information and setup their account.  It makes your operation very professional to when you can setup an account on the spot.  Print out and give your customer the final account instruction sheet for their records and system configuration.

Use the sign-up form like the one provided by Sunco on the Advertising Page.  You can download the form for copying in  Microsoft Word format.  Have the customer fill out the form with all pertinent account information including their first 3 choices for e-mail addresses.  New e-mail address can always be changed or added at a late date by the customer.  Call in the information to 1-877-564-Link (5465) to setup the account.

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